* Warnings

The activities on the sea, are subject to weather conditions, especially wind and waves, so the customer must take this into account when making the reservation, as it depends on the prevailing weather at any time, whether the activities can be carried out or not.

The nautical leisure activities are not suitable for the following people, especially when there are strong waves on the beach: Children very sensitive to sea conditions, very old people, with mobility difficulties, with back problems, muscle problems, cervical , epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety or panic of the sea, ease of dizziness, morbid obesity, people with a weight above 140kg., people who have consumed drugs, alcoholic beverages, medicines that reduce attention and anyone who may have difficulties in their ability to react to enter the marine environment.

Driving jet ski. For this activity, the company has some strict safety rules, which the user must read when hiring these services. You must also put your personal data and the period of use in the registry book as required by law. The watercraft will circulate in a circuit of 3 buoys in front of the beach, it being strictly forbidden to drive outside this buoys circuit, it is also forbidden to go near the swimmers area and other boats, in case of needing help, it will be the monitor of the company who approaches the client, after this one raise their arms to get their attention. It is very important to drive in a responsible manner, making good use of the watercraft and respecting safety measures at all times, maintaining the safety distance required by this company 100 meters away from other devices.

Parasailing. This activity is subject to the weather, wind and waves conditions, so it will be the captain of the boat who decides if it is possible to carry out the activity at that moment, if he has to wait for it to improve, if he has to do it in another area or another beach. Although very rare, there are certain risks when performing this activity, these may be due to wind, waves, mechanical failures or human errors, the wind may change while we are making the flight, or suffer a mechanical breakdown or error. human calculation, to avoid them to a greater extent, this company tries to suspend flights when the conditions are not right, the boats are modern and of recent construction and the crew very experienced.

Flights can be single, double or triple according to the weight of the clients and it will be the captain of the ship who decides how they can fly, maximum weight per flight is 200 kg. approximately, according to the wind and the waves.

NOTICE: When the wind is not right, the parachute flights can be canceled or delayed.

Banana. Depending on the sea conditions, it may be unstable and may tip over while the ride is taking place. Our staff is instructed to prevent it from tipping to avoid accidents.

Crazy UFO. Not suitable for people with skin sensitive to chafing, not suitable for people with cervical problems or sensitive spine due to the bounces that the client suffers in this activity.

Combos. This product is a reduced price offer for acquiring a variety of items. If after contracting the services of the Combo, any of the contracted activities can not be done for any reason, the client must change it for another activity or for a longer time, but does not have the right to a refund of the money.

Fly Board. Suitable from approximately 14 years of age according to foot size, requires a bit of balance and agility to perform this activity, it is not necessary to have experience, 80% of clients rise from the first time.


* Price list and taxes

The price to be paid at the establishment will be according to the agreed amount or according to the amount of offers, promoters, intermediaries, promotions, seasons, purchase volume, regular customer or meteorological condition of each moment.

13,5% local tax is included in the price of jet ski rental in all the modalities, the rest of activities and services, have 7% local tax included in the price.

The jet skis have discounts in the combos and offers of up to 50% according to articles and combinations.



*Cancellation policy

1– Once the product has been purchased, you can carry out the activity on the indicated date or exchange it for another one provided that you communicate it and it can be changed, after confirmation by e-mail.

2– If you do not carry out the activity on the specified date and you do not communicate and request to change the date, this has a penalty of 100% and you will not be able to claim a refund of the amount paid.

3– Changes in the reservations for the catamaran and the yacht are subject to availability.

4– Cancellations at 48 hours or less before the activity will be charged 30% administrative fee as will cancellation of the yacht less than 7 days before.

5– Cancellations 7 days before the scheduled date will have no penalty, except the yacht that must be 14 days before.