Eliminate all that stress

If you are one of those lovers of excitement and you need to feel the adrenaline, do not hesitate and take a look at our water sports activities.



  No experience needed for these activities.

  All safety precautions are covered.

  We will be accompanying you all the time during the activity.


10% OFF


Jet Ski Circuit

Full Fun for all. Alone or in a group, from 1 or 2 adults per waverunner or 1 adult and 1 child.

Whether it's your first time riding a jet ski or you are an experienced rider, our jet ski circuit at the beach of Arguineguín is the easiest way to enjoy a waverunner.


Parasailing, without a doubt, is the closest experience to flying that you will live in Gran Canaria.

Feel the adrenaline as you take off and relax enjoying the good company and a unique view of the Arguineguin coast.

Banana Ride (Check Availability)

Feel the speed and refresh yourself with the sea spray as you navigate over the waves while fighting to avoid falling off the banana.

The favourite water sport of children and not so children to enjoy with friends or the whole family.

Combo:Parasailing & Jet Ski Circuit.

Why choose if you can have it all? If you are one of those who have trouble deciding, this is your option.


Relax flying over the sea with the parachute, surf the waves on jet skis. All together at an incredible price.

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